Welcome To My League of Legends Blog


I’m Anthony Farcis or League of Legends guy and I have decided to start this blog about my favourite online MOBA game, League of Legends. I’ve been hooked on League of Legends ever since I started playing the game nearly 2 years ago although I did play a litle bit during the beta stage of the game.

If you don’t know what League of Legends is you can signup here, it is my referral link which means if you reach level 5 on your account I’ll be credited with some Influence Points (the in game currency that you earn for playing games). If you use my link I’m more than happy to add you as a friend and play together and you don’t lose anything by doing so. You can also claim some free riot points to get you started as well.

I don’t really know what else to talk about in regards to my League of Legends history but I have played over 500 games and feel that I have a good understanding of the game and its mechanics and would eventually like to turn pro because there are many professional eSport tournaments for LoL hosted by Riot Games which are becoming increasingly popular so they are highly recommended.

I will probably start out by setting up my own YouTube channel and then eventually starting to stream on twitch.tv like all the pros do.

My favourite champions in League of Legends are always changing but my favourite skin is my Nightmare ChoGath skin that I got from an old promotion in League of Legends (which means I got it for free). I LOVE it to bits. I also love ChoGath as a champion because he is very flexible with roles he can go top, mid and jungle (which is my preferred spot on the Fields of Justice).

So why Jungle do you say? I love the Jungle because its my favourite place to feel like I have an impact on the game, I can help out other lanes and make sure that they don’t feed and make me lose my ranked games.

That is all for today I hope you enjoyed my first post as part of my League of Legends Guy blog! I would like it greatly if you could share it with some of your friends or even add me in the League of Legends I am under the name of LoLGuyRiot512 and play on the EUW servers.

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it and hope you stay a part of my League of Legends blog.